Dumpster Divin’

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

In honor of trash night, I thought I’d share one of my good ol’ dumpster dives.

Lamps before

These two lamps were very lonely sitting at the end of my parent’s neighbor’s driveway. They quickly became mine.

A little bit of spray paint and two new lamp shades made these bad boys look as good as new and they fit perfectly on the nightstands in my bedroom. This also solved my problem of not being able to find lamps I liked or wanted to spend the money on. Hmm…reminds me of someone else I know…

Lamp after1

I sometimes want to take a photo of refurbished items I got off of Craigslist or off of someone’s curb and show them what they were missing out on. (That little bird? The Dollar Store and some spray paint…)

Go ahead, grab that chair off of your neighbor’s curb…you know you want to!

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  1. Perfect, you savvy creative saver!

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