Life Happens

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Tomorrow would have marked the day that I was planning on opening my shop, but .. life has happened.

In the next few months, I will go out of town to visit a friend, throw a very DIY-Rachely baby shower for the best, help throw a bridal shower, help shoot a wedding with the best, go out of town for a bachelorette party, be a bridesmaid in a great friend’s wedding and throw a retirement party. That’s all from July until September. Let’s not talk about October (my birth month) and the rest of the year. I’m certain I’m forgetting something, as well.

With that being said, I’ve decided to commit myself to those lovely events in my life and put my shop on hold. With THAT being said, I am still taking custom orders.

Unfortunately, I have not taken any photos of my creations with my DSLR. Instead, I’ve always used what is close by my side .. my cell.

Therefore, all of the unfortunate photos you are about to see are very, very poor quality. The color is quite distorted in many of them (I tend to finish projects at night when there is NO natural light to assist me!) and many are quite grainy. Nonetheless, I have been asked several times about what exactly I can make. We’ll start here:


Rachel Blanket1

Rachel Baby Blanket

Blankets are generally the perfect size for a car seat blanket. Although, I can make them bigger.

Rachel Noah Gift

I can also make a matching or coordinating set of a blanket/burp cloth. (The way this color turned out in this photo makes me squeamish!)

Rachel Burp Cloths

Burp cloths

I can make coordinating burp cloths.

Girl onesie

Boy onesie

Rachel Laurel Onesie

Rachel Isaac Gift

I can make onesies.

Rachel Laurel Gift

Rachel Brady Gift

Rachel Ellie Gift

Blanket and paci clips

Or, I can make sets of whatever combination you choose. Note: I did not make the giraffes. I’m definitely not that skilled! They were part of the gifts that I gave.

Pacifier holders

Paci clips can either have a snap closure or a loop closure in order to fit different types of pacis.

Please email me, message me via Facebook or speak with me in person. If you have a color scheme you’d prefer, I can provide you with examples of what I can make for you and you can decide what you’d like.

Again, sorry for the horrific quality of photos. Happy Wednesday!

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