Throwin’ it Back

Monday, October 14th, 2013

I’ve decided that on the days that I work, “throwback” photos will be quite common. You see, during the fall and winter, I get to work before the sun rises and leave work after the sun sets. I’m gone from home for at least 13 hours in a locked unit with no windows where photos are prohibited. See the dilemma here?

Looking back in my phone, this time last year, this is what Knox was up to.

Knox with the cheese

In order to get Beau to take meds, they have to be smothered in cheese. And Knox decided to steal the can of cheese. How he got access to it, I’m not quite certain. But alas, he did and as usual, he and his articulate paws did all that was possible to get as much cheese out of the can as he could. And, because I can’t resist …here are more photos of my extremely food motivated fuzzy. He likes to make sure empty containers are COMPLETELY clean before they are recycled.

Knox eating ricotta

Knox licking the bowl

Knox licking the spatula

What’s more fun than licking the spatula after baking a cake?

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