Mom’s 60th

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

I was doing some Pinterest inspiration cleanup and got a little reminiscent of all of the DIY decor and hours of crafting that I put into several happy events last year. In January, I hosted my mom’s 60th birthday party. A few months later came a baby shower and just a week later a bridal shower, each for two of my very best friends. My dad retired towards the end of the year, which warranted yet another celebration.

Making these occasions one-of-a-kind is the type of thing that makes my world go ’round. Lots of love was put into all four events and all four of them deserved nothing less!

The photos of each event were posted to Facebook, but I wanted to also share them here. Tonight, I will share my mom’s 60th celebration. Photo credit goes to none other than the best, Kristina, from Kristina Maor Photography. Enjoy!







Fire and convo

Food table

Me and Ma



Happy birthday song


Cake and photo

Blowing out the candles

Cake yum


Thanks a million to Kristina for helping me brainstorm and get this party planned. Also, thanks to both my mom and my dad for all of the party prep that helped make this into the great party I imagined!

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