Showering Baby Ari

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Next in line of my procrastination of sharing the fun of last year’s festivities: Kristina’s baby shower.

Showering Kristina and Ari was a blast, as imagined. The plans were months in the making and it all fell together perfectly. All involved worked so hard to make every detail come into play exactly as we had planned. Enjoy!

(Again, photo credit to Kristina Maor Photography. Yes, I asked her to photograph her own baby shower! Just the details though, I promise she enjoyed herself!)




Banner and garland

Glasses and another banner




ABC game

Guests drew a letter, from A to Z. They had to draw a photo of an object, animal, etc. starting with the letter that they drew. We then placed the cards into a book and made Ari’s very first, personalized ABC book!


Cake pops


Bests: Melissa, Kristina and Rachel. Loads of thanks to Eileen (Kris’s Mom) for tons of help and Gail (my Ma) for offering her home for this lovely event!

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  1. BEST baby shower ever. Honestly. I am SO thankful for you!

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