My Little Beau

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

For those who do know, thank you so much for all of the calls and texts over the past couple of days. Every bit of support is VERY much appreciated. I also appreciate all of you who have been checking in on him the past couple of weeks. As we all know, this surgery has come with a lot of anticipation.

For those who don’t know, Beau had surgery on Friday for the correction of a grade IV (being the worst possible) luxated patella and an ACL repair.

If you’re better with images (as I am), here ‘ya go:

Beau's knee

Basically, he had two bone cuts, two pieces of hardware, eleven screws and a LOT of bone, joint and tissue manipulation in his leg.

Needless to say, he’s in a lot of pain (that is, thankfully, well controlled) and requires A LOT of care. My day with him yesterday (I picked him up in the morning after he spent the night) was just as tiring as a day with a 1 pound baby. Add 49 pounds to that and that’s one big baby!

Beau with MeMama G took this yesterday while one exhausted patient and one exhausted momma slept.

We have a very long road of recovery ahead of us, but I cannot wait to see the improvement.

The surgeon said that he is very, very pleased with how the surgery went and considering the extent of what had to be done, he feels very confident that his knee is now very secure. He has a lot of soft tissue healing required that is now displaced from where it has grown, as Beau has grown. He also has a bit of muscle atrophy.

Our first appointment with physical therapy and his first dressing change is tomorrow. He has a soft cast/dressing in place. He also has a black casing to go around his dressing for going outside. Going outside has been the biggest “adventure”, as Beau cannot bear any weight on his leg and struggles to walk at all. Basically, he isn’t walking (even with the use of a sling), so I’m getting quite the workout every time he needs to go outside.

Beau with Mama GAs usual, my parents have been nothing short of amazing. Here’s Mama G taking watch for a little bit.

He has been a fantastic patient—I couldn’t ask for a more well behaved pup, really.

Thanks again for all of the love. I’ll update again soon.

Beau with friendsBeau, this morning, visiting with friends after food, water, a potty break and ice.

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