About Me

Rachely is a nickname given to me by one and carried on by many others. Since then, Rachely has not only remained a widespread nickname, it has taken on the form of an adjective. It is used by many who know me well to describe objects that reflect who I am and what I like.

I enjoy turning trash (literally) into treasures, exploring new recipes and the simple things in life. I am quite the animal lover, from dogs right on down to lizards. My two pups are as spoiled as any children I’ll ever have. My mom, dad and brother are my best friends.

I greatly enjoy traveling, decorating and daydreaming of my future. I scored my dream job five years ago as a neonatal intensive care nurse. Caring for my patients and their families is so fulfilling and brings me great joy.

I am very authentic, cheerful and friendly. I could eat brie for every meal, my favorite number is thirteen and napping is one of my great pleasures. My blog has no agenda; it is simply just my life and everything in it that I enjoy. I certainly hope YOU enjoy it. Welcome!

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